Think Films.

I think that stories, and the telling of stories, are the foundation of human communication and understanding. If children all over the country are watching films, asking questions and telling their stories then the world will eventually be a better place.

Think Films helps teachers and students to improve their levels of attainment, cultural understanding and behaviour. We aim to provide schools unique and innovative film based learning experiences free of cost. Think Films uses an innovative educational method which uses films and discussion forums to facilitate access to information about wide variety of topics, ranging from social issues, environmental concerns to global and economic ones and many more.

We look forward to a Change- a change that brings a better world to dwell in.

We make you dream, dream for a brighter future.

Because, we strongly believe that true art must be free, just as every other good thing in life!

Every success starts with a dream. Unless you dream for something, you do not achieve it.

We help the children retain their curiousity for the things, and dream something new, something different, which would eventually tranform into something big. And the dreams are not only philosophical one, even the deep sleep dreams bring the change.

The real way to think

Children need to be taught how to think, not what to think. Margaret Mead

The generations are changing, so is the technology, the philosophies, and everything around us. And so is changing the thoughts. Believe it or not, but the thoughts have to changed to live through the every day changing world.

We teach the children to think, to analyse things, to gather knowledge out of the things. Everything is relatively right, and false too. We cannot decide what to think and what not to. We train children to keep their original thoughts with them, alongwith the right directions in the life to follow.

Artistic Children

Every child is an artist. The challenge is to remain an artist after you grow up. Pablo Picasso

A 3-year old children tries swtiching on a switch unless he gets an electric shock. A child tries to explore things on his own. This exploring of things, and the experiments a child does with them evolves a new thing completely.

The true artist of the children is dying these days because of the burden on them. We make them light, get them relaxed, and refresh their thoughts, so that they retain those artistic thoughts, and continue to contribute to the world, with their solutions, as well as the problems.

Cultural Understanding

Cultural Understanding is a combination of skills, beliefs, attitudes, knowledge, and behaviors that allows one to successfully interact with, and respect people from, different cultural backgrounds.

Needs Analysis

We analyse the needs of the Children, towards the films they should watch, for a lively excitement and reactions, enhancing their creativity.

Critical Thinking

Think Films helps develop critical thinking in children.

Critical thinking is a dynamic, purposeful, analytic process that results in reasoned decisions and judgments.

Brainstorming Films.

We brainstorm on films suitable for Children, work on them, and provide the best content to the children, chosen from among hundreds of movies. We analyse everything to the very depth of it.